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Mon, Jul. 25th, 2005, 04:16 pm
New respect for the olympic ice skater

I was kind of down last week, but lately I'm feeling more positive, optimistic, and greatful for all the blessings in my life. It's ironic because, currently, all my muscles are in major pain and I'm not too pleased with my living situation. Yet, I can appreciate all the things that are going so WELL and I know God is working in my life.

The pain is the result of a very fun Saturday. I went ice skating with a group of friends and I loved it. I had only ice skated two or three times before when I was younger, but once I got out on the ice I caught on pretty quickly. I'm not the best skater, and I have no idea how to break... but I could skate fairly quickly. I did fall a few times, but I didn't hurt myself, and it was no big deal. So, I pretty much skated non stop for two hours, and half the time I pulled Kiki along as she squealed and screamed. It was hilarious to see the reactions of the other skaters when they heard her coming - they would skate out of our way in fear of her! hee hee... Later, when the rink was nearly clear, six of us made a human chain and skated around the rink together. It was fun, but I felt my abs aching as I held myself at juuust the right angle when we turned and I had to wait for the other five people to finish the curve. I must admit, I pushed myself to skate faster and faster, and go around extra turns because it was good cardio.

Well, the next day my abs and corresponding back muscles were in major pain, as were my legs, my neck, my shoulders, and the arm that held Kiki. Yesterday, I was wincing whenever I had to sit down, stand up, or walk. Today, the pain is slightly better, but it continues. I think the skating hurt me so much because I had done some advanced tae bo the day before, and my body was a little stiff.

But you know, when the pain is gone, I'm going to be so much stonger! I loved the skating, and I will definitely go back.

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