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Thu, Jul. 28th, 2005, 11:04 pm
The next step

I'm good. God is good. Life is interesting.

Haven't really done much. I get up, I look for jobs, I write cover letters, I exercise, I feed my bunny. That's about it. I've also been spending some time at St. Gregory's, which has a lot of people active in ministry. And I went to Bible Alive. There was also a bible study on Monday at St. Max's.

I must say, after two and half years of being surrounded by secular folk (not that they aren't nice people), it is refreshing and a blessing to be around those who actively seek to love and serve God! I feel that the things I am learning now, the ministries and people I am being exposed to, are another stepping stone on the path that He has laid out for me. Just like law school and the Bar are.

Luke is the one always inviting me to these things. I think he is the most powerful recruiting tool that the Footprints group at St. Gregory's has, for he is involved in all sorts of different activities and effectively networks with any person who seems slightly interested, making them more comfortable. He could see that I was looking for ministry, craving it, and so he casually invites me to a bible study, or a planning meeting, or a dinner with group members, etc. He never asks for anything of me... but I'm getting the idea that there is more I can do. His skill at getting people involved is inspiring, and I'm trying to learn to relate to people in that way. Though I see the recuiting technique for what it is, I can still feel myself getting more and more drawn in. St. Gregory's is getting to me.

Next weekend, I'm going to visit my family in Orlando. I can't wait to see them, especially since I haven't seen Tina since May. Fun, fun, fun!