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Fri, Jun. 10th, 2005, 01:33 am
"For your love is better than life" -- Psalm 63

Oh, it's been a long time since I posted here. Life has been too busy. I have over 100 unread e-mail messages, as well. So, the update of my life: moved out into an apartment, graduated, served as bridesmaid, realized I must start studying 10 hours a day for the bar exam.

Yes, bridesmaid! Rigo and Monica are now MARRIED!!! The wedding was beautiful, of course, as a result of their hard work and planning and the presence of the Holy Spirit. As the vows were spoken, myself and the other bridesmaids sniffled and wiped our eyes. And they looked so happy, so holy, as they promised to spend their lives as one. What a blessing. What a beautiful example of God's love. I was honored to be there.

And, you know, I'm really greatful that Monica gave me the opportunity to be useful and spend time with her during this special time. I also got to really bond with the other bridesmaids - Mammone, with her wonderful sense of humor, the adorable Kristy, Debbie, who is so wonderful and caring, and Kiki, a great person. In fact, many of Monica's friends have bonded with Kiki since the wedding. She joined several of us when we went out afterwards, and went out with us the next week as well. She's the coolest high school kid I know. Could Monica and Rigo have known that their union would unite others as well?

Those two will be returning from their blissful (I assume) honeymoon on Saturday. Let me take a moment to confess about some incidents Monica had no idea about on the big day:

- Debbie and I had to have our pictures, and so we gave our cameras to Kiki's mom who was sitting behind the bridesmaids, so that she could take pictures of the wedding party's entrance and give us the cameras. During much of the ceremony, we snapped photos behind Monica's back.

- It was a good thing I rushed to the banquet hall after the pictures were taken, as per Monica's instructions. The lady in charge of the banquet hall pulled me aside with urgency to give me a disturbing report. "The man who was delivering the wedding cake was in a car accident." I barely had time to gasp before she continued, "We sent his sister to the scene of the accident to get the cake, and she is on her way over, but it may be a little late. Don't TELL MONICA ANYTHING! We just need a little extra time to get the cake and assemble it. Again, DON'T TELL MONICA, but we need you to keep them outside until we have the cake set up." I assured her we would stall the bride and groom and she rushed out in a flurry about the cake. I didn't even have the opportunity to inquire about the poor guy in the accident. I passed the message along to some other bridesmaids and the maid of honor. Luckily, before Rigo and Monica arrived, the banquet hall lady informed me that the cake got there saftely. A few minutes later, it was assembled beautifully and the banquet hall lady again called me to give me the "all clear." Monica and Rigo never had to worry.

- In all the fuss and preparation, Cristina and I completely forgot to write our names on the gift we bought for Rigo and Monica. So, if you guys read this, we got you the chocolate brown and celedon throws. :)

Of course, everything happens at once, and my life has been incredibly eventful. But I'm tired of writing for today, so all that will have to be the subject of other entries. Oh, and there is some very good news which I am not at liberty to disclose right now, but know that I am very happy for you, my roomate.

Fri, Jun. 10th, 2005 03:27 pm (UTC)
(Anonymous): It's Andrea

Cake trauma! I had no idea, and speaking as a guest, I didn't notice a thing. Not to worry, Monica. Your wedding was beautiful and ran smoothly. I'm glad you're happy for me, Lydia. I'll tell everyone else soon.
God bless,

Tue, Jun. 14th, 2005 12:41 pm (UTC)
mvelaz: Wow

I had no idea--and I'm glad I didn't know anything--about that cake ordeal! wow... wait till I tell Rigo. He'll have a laugh! The wedding was wonderfuL!!!! Yay! Thanks, Lydia! You are such a great friend!!!

By the way, thanks for clarifying the mystery of the throws... Rigo LOVES them... he arranges them and rearranges them on the couches DAILY! He even said it was his favorite gift.... haha! seriously! Anyhow, let's make plans for you to come over soon! GOD BLESS!

Tue, Jun. 14th, 2005 06:58 pm (UTC)
itslyd: Re: Wow

I'm glad he likes the throws. Crispy and I loved them - so much so, that Cristina tried to convince me that she should keep them for herself. hee hee...